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New England Patriots: 5 Players Fitting of Replacing Tom Brady as Quarterback

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Tom Brady's Time as New England Patriots' Quarterback is Coming to an End

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It’s hard to imagine a future without Tom Brady if you are a fan of the New England Patriots, but like it or not, that time is almost here. Brady is one of, if not the best, quarterback in the history of the NFL. The former sixth round pick has been to five Super Bowls, winning three of them. He has quarterbacked his team to a 16-0 regular season, throwing a record 50 touchdown passes. Brady has racked up two MVP awards along the way, winning one unanimously for the first time in the league’s history.

Brady, with the help of head coach Bill Belichick, has made the Patriots relevant again. The NFL does not want this all-time great to leave, but the harsh reality is coming. Who might succeed Brady as the quarterback of the Patriots? No one is quite sure. Is he in the NFL right now? Possibly. Chances are, this player might be coming through the college ranks, or even the high school ranks. However, Brady did say he wanted to play until after age 40, and New England fans would sure love to see that become a reality.

If that did come to fruition, there are still many factors that the organization would have to look at. When the reality of that situation is upon the Patriots, odds are, the plan will already be in place. When Brady calls it a career and elevates his name into the ranks of the Hall of Fame, these are some of the potential quarterbacks that might be sporting the red, white and blue.

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5. Tim Tebow

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This is the beginning of the wondering imagination. Tim Tebow, if he can figure it out in the next few years, could get a shot with New England one more time. He is a favorite of Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels, even though he was cut. If Tebow could find what made him so successful with the Denver Broncos in 2011, this might not be such a stretch. Never say never.

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4. Robert Griffin III

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This is definitely a stretch of the imagination, but it would look really cool. Try and picture Robert Griffin III as the Patriot’s future quarterback. It’s actually not that crazy. With Griffin’s tendency to get hurt, and the Washington Redskins not knowing how to handle his well being, he might opt to leave when he is a free agent. This is just pure speculation, but if Griffin is available in the future, every team should be calling, including the Patriots.

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3. Johnny Manziel

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Johnny Manziel would intrigue the Patriot’s organization. He is a player I could see the organization taking a chance on, if he slips in the draft. If McDaniels had a thing for Tim Tebow, he would sure love to get his hands on Johnny Football. This has no chance of ever happening, but maybe Texas A&M’s head coach Kevin Sumlin could be New England’s next head man down the line. This would be too good to be true, though.

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2. Christian Hackenberg

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Penn State Nittany Lion’s freshman quarterback Christian Hackenberg might be a player the Patriots consider as Brady’s heir apparent. This could all change if Josh McDaniels is no longer the team’s offensive coordinator, since Christian Hackenberg knows the basis of the offense already. Former New England offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien is Penn State’s head coach. It would be a great fit for both parties.

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1. Ryan Mallett

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The most realistic candidate when it comes to the rumors of replacing Brady is current New England backup, Ryan Mallett. He’s been entrenched in the system for a few years now, and has shown signs of being a capable NFL quarterback. However, his name has been floated around as a trade candidate for two seasons now. I wouldn’t put much stock into his future as Brady’s successor.