New York Giants: No Need to Risk David Wilson's Long-Term Health for Short-Term Goals

By Christopher Gamble

New York Giants running back David Wilson has reportedly seen “significant improvement” from his herniated disc in his neck but could be a ways off from resuming football activity. This is because Wilson also has spinal stenosis which is a narrowing of the spinal column and is a much more serious condition and could keep Wilson off the football field for a much longer period than originally thought.

Right now, the Giants aren’t planning on Wilson returning until December at the earliest. Team officials said they would reevaluate Wilson again in “several weeks.” Several weeks could be a trip to Injured Reserve for the second-year back. When it comes to the spine there is no such thing as too much precaution. The Giants, and Wilson, have to be entirely certain he is healthy and is not in any danger of making his condition worse by stepping onto a football field.

The Giants obviously thought highly enough of Wilson to use a first-round pick on him last year and there were periods last year where Wilson looked like he could be poised for a big year this year. A poor offensive line and two fumbles in the Week 1 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys put a damper on that quickly but there have been glimpses that Wilson can be an electric running back at this level.

Given the state of the Giants this season and the impending return of Andre Brown and Brandon Jacobs as well as the solid play from  Peyton Hillis, the Giants don’t need to rush Wilson back. Putting him on IR might be the best thing for him and the future of the Giants.

Wilson might not be happy about it and might get upset since he would essentially be losing a year. However, if his condition worsens he is no good to the Giants moving forward. This is as much about the future of the franchise as it is about his future and his overall health.

Having a healthy Wilson back for next season can be much more impactful than a banged up Wilson this season. While it is true the Giants are not eliminated from the playoff race they have to weigh the reality against the possibility. I am not suggesting they tank the season but I am suggesting they preserve a running back they invested a first round pick in so that he can come back healthy and take over the starting running back job next season. The Giants have the horses to at least be competitive in the run game right now and are getting Brown back. They have the legs to carry the run game right now. Wilson should recuperate so he can carry the run game next year.


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