NFL’s 10 Biggest Idiots Of All-Time

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The NFL's Top 10 Idiots Of All Time

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The NFL has seen a wide variety of personalities since it's been around especially in the last 20 years or so. There have been some inspiring players, role models and good guys. But as we're all well aware, there are a lot of other kinds of players in the NFL. We have seen people that are freakishly large, freakishly talented, freakishly immature and freakishly arrogant. We've seen players take steroids and get arrested for many reasons. We've seen teams spy on other teams and give their players bounties to hurt other players. We've seen teammates bully each other to the point where they leave the team.

I'm trying to say that the NFL has a lot of, well, idiots. There's no other way of saying it, there are just some flat-out dumb people to step onto professional football fields. I've made a list of the 10 who are the most unforgettably stupid. From dogfighters to rapists to murderers, this list has it all. As always here are a few quick honorable mentions:

Matt Leinart: Leinart makes the honorable mentions list because he is one of the bigger draft busts ever. He was a highly talented and successful player at the University of Southern California, but that wasn't the story in the NFL. He was too busy throwing hot tub parties at 3 a.m. to focus on playing.

Ray Lewis: Although he was never found guilty, something has to be said about Ray Lewis. Whether or not he murdered the guy or he didn't, the fact that he was involved with murderers who already had a plan to kill a guy is just idiotic. Lewis matured a lot and is without a doubt a future Hall of Famer, so I can't put him on the actual list.

Mike Vanderjagt: While Mike Vanderjagt was an incredibly successful kicker, nobody can forget the time he essentially told a Canadian television station that Peyton Manning just didn't have skill. Manning countered by having one of the best careers ever while Mike Vanderjagt's current whereabouts are completely unknown. Oh, yeah, his nickname was the "Idiot Kicker"

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10. Terrell Suggs

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Terrell Suggs probably wouldn't have even been considered for this list if I made it three years ago. But after some really dumb fines and a domestic assault charge, he may have crept up a bit. He now undoubtedly makes this list after his unforgettable allegation that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was behind the blackout in Super Bowl XLVII because he wanted the San Francisco 49ers to win the game. He had no evidence whatsoever to back up his ridiculous notion.
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9. Randy Moss

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No one will ever forget how good of a receiver Randy Moss was, but we'll probably remember more how much of an arrogant distraction he was. For instance, who could ever forget the time he squirted an official with a water bottle in a playoff game? How about when he mooned Green Bay Packers fans after scoring a touchdown? Or the time he ran over a traffic official with his car? Randy Moss always cared more about being flashy and living lavishly than he did about football.

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8. Adam "Pacman" Jones

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Adam "Pacman" Jones has gotten arrested eight times since he's been in the NFL. It seems like every year, we hear about some dumb thing Pacman did at a night club. With all the suspensions going around, I'm surprised Roger Goodell lets this guy stick around.

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7. JaMarcus Russell

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JaMarcus Russell is one of the biggest draft busts of all time, without a doubt. Not only was he very indecisive on the field, but he was really lazy off the field. Instead of getting better at football and working, JaMarcus decided to party and get ridiculously out of shape. JaMarcus is an idiot because he put so much potential talent to waste.

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6. Dez Bryant

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Dez Bryant isn't as bad as Terrell Owens, but Dez likes to make really dumb decisions in public like beating his mother. Dez really likes to cry when things don't go his way and distract the entire team by throwing sideline tantrums. Dez Bryant also took the time to explain to the world why he's better than Calvin Johnson and then got completely shown up by him the same week.

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5. Terrell Owens

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Other than Randy Moss, Terrell Owens may have been the start of the idiotically arrogant wide receiver era. Terrell took it upon himself to be erratically outspoken, especially when he didn't like his quarterback. Things turned out okay for him though ... oh, actually, he is now completely broke and homeless.

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4. Michael Vick

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Michael Vick came across as an immature jock at first, but then he was exposed for dogfighting and he came across as just a flat-out idiot. Seriously, who does that? It's not like he needed the extra money in the first place and even if he did, there are plenty of other ways to make money besides hurting innocent dogs. Vick came back to the NFL only to get injured a bunch of times, get stopped at a Miami airport for possible marijuana possession and perhaps watch Nick Foles take his job.

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3. Ben Roethlisberger

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While Ben Roethlisberger is an outstanding player, not only is he really bad at making decisions, he's just flat out creepy. The motorcycle accident must have done more brain damage than we thought because Big Ben downgraded from riding motorcycles without helmets to getting drunk and trying to rape young woman at bars where everyone will recognize him. The even more incomprehensible thing is that a woman would marry a man after he faced two rape allegations within three years.

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2. Plaxico Burress

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It was hard to not put Plaxico Burress at no. 1 simply because the level of thinking needed to decide to carry a loaded gun in your pants pocket is baffling. It was a good reminder as to why we send our children to pre-school. As far as actually having knowledge goes, Plax is the dumbest player to ever step onto a professional football field.

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1. O.J. Simpson/Rae Carruth

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I couldn't decide which murderer was worse and didn't want to take up two slides for them, so I just concluded that O.J. Simpson and Rae Carruth are tied for the dumbest players to ever step onto an NFL football field. Obviously, they were successful on the field and their idiocy doesn't come from their play. It is simply the fact they killed people! I mean, it's dumb to kill someone anyway, but when you already have a huge microscope on you being a celebrity, why would that even cross your mind? They definitely take the cake.