Ricky Williams Weighs In With Surprising Take On Jonathan Martin Situation

By Andrew Fisher

It seems that everyone has an opinion on the Jonathan MartinRichie Incognito situation. One guy who’s weighed in, knows a thing or two about leaving the Miami Dolphins. That would be former NFL and college star Ricky Williams. The running back infamously walked away from the game of football back in 2004, when he simply lost the will to play. He would later return and play six more seasons, before hanging up his cleats for good in 2011.

Williams was called a lot of things during his career and ‘hippie’ was no doubt one of them. The RB made no bones about his love for cannabis and it earned him a unique reputation in the NFL. So given what we know about Williams and the way he views life and the NFL, some people would probably assume that he was outraged by Incognito’s actions towards Martin. However, that’s not the case. Here’s Williams’ take on the situation and specifically on ‘bullying’ in the NFL:

“I just understood that’s the nature of the game. When I came in as a rookie, they called me ‘Ricky Weirdo.’ And they busted my balls and they gave me a hard time, but I just laughed because it was funny. If someone sent me those messages, I would send a text back and call him a redneck and put ‘lol.’ To me, situations that you got yourself into, you got yourself into. It falls on you to find a way to get yourself out. And I’m not judging the way he got himself out of the situation. I actually think it’s quite brilliant.”

The former RB also made the point that maybe Martin doesn’t belong in the NFL.

I for one, was completely shocked by Williams’ take. I figured he would channel his ‘inner hippie’ and speak out against bullying. But the way he sees it, bullying is just part of the game. If you can’t handle it, then maybe you shouldn’t play football.

On top of everything else, Williams correctly pointed out the failure of the Dolphins’ coaching staff to let everything come to this point.


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