With Aaron Rodgers Out, Chicago Bears Set Sights on the Division

By Jay Cullen
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears picked up a big win on Monday Night, but that was not the most important event of the night.

Instead, Aaron Rodgers’ injury stole the show. His shoulder injury could spell doom for the Green Bay Packers, but for the Bears it could be the edge they need. With their own starting quarterback still sidelined (though he may return next week), the Bears were able to pull out a win and get themselves a tie for the division lead. Now with Jay Cutler set to return soon they may be able to get a lead on the Packers.

In all honesty, when Rodgers is healthy the Packers are the better team. The point differentials of the teams show this, and in the modern NFL top quarterbacks are the key to being a top team. But with Rodgers out the Bears could steal the division. This Bears team is a little underrated, and if the Packers go 1-2 with Rodgers out the Bears could build a small lead and refuse to relinquish it.

Of course, the Detroit Lions will have something to say about this, as they sit atop the NFC North as well. The Bears cannot forget about them as the Lions have shown that with a healthy Calvin Johnson it is hard to stop their offense. The Bears lost earlier this season to the Lions but have a chance to redeem themselves this coming week. Both teams would love to get a win and set themselves up to take the NFC North. Next Sunday could honestly shape the entire NFC playoff bracket.

On the other hand, the Bears play the Packers again in the last week of the season. With both quarterbacks healthy that game could decide the playoff aspirations of both teams. It will be sad to watch football without Aaron Rodgers, but his injury could set up the game of the year in Week 17.

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