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You Can Bet on These 5 Teams to Get a Victory in Week 10

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5 Teams Guaranteed to Get a Victory in Week 10

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Every week in the NFL there are some games that are easy to predict. This week is no different. Unfortunately, not every game goes how media members or other sports fans predict them to go, but that is just how it is in the world of sports.

When predicting outcomes, there are multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration. How a team plays at home compared to on the road has a huge impact on a game. Whether a team is losing a star player or getting one back affects the game as well, so week to week injuries massively impact each and every game on Sundays.

Even with all that said, superior teams have a better chance to overcome all odds and continue winning and heading towards the postseason. It is the middle of the pack teams that tend to be up one week and down the next. Even the cellar dwellers can get lucky and upset a better team to throw someone’s predictions out of whack.

When making decisions on who will win each game, sometimes making a safe pick is the way to go. Other times even the safe picks can lay eggs and come up short in the long run. Giving a team too much credit or going all in on a superstar player thinking they should dominate their opposition can even backfire in your face.

So after taking all of these factors into account, I have decided that these five teams are a safe bet to definitely walk out of Week 10 with a victory.

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5. Seattle Seahawks

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The Seahawks somehow managed to almost lose to the winless Buccaneers last Sunday so guaranteeing them a victory this Sunday is harder than usual. Seattle is on the road again this week, and this time they are facing the Falcons. One way or another, Seattle should walk away victorious.

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4. San Francisco 49ers

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Cam Newton has the Panthers thinking playoffs, but this Sunday is far from an easy task for the young quarterback. Expect San Francisco to continue their winning ways by defeating Carolina at home this week.

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3. Washington Redskins

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Robert Griffin III and the Redskins are licking their chops at the thought of facing the Vikings this week. Even though it's in Minnesota, the Redskins should still walk out with a win.

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2. Denver Broncos

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Denver's game at San Diego this week could very well be considered a trap game. With the Chiefs on the schedule twice in the following three weeks, the Broncos could be looking forward to that matchup rather than focusing on the Chargers. However, Peyton Manning will be prepared and will lead his team to victory heading into their Week 11 game with Kansas City.

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1. Indianapolis Colts

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Division games are always tough, and the Colts' game this past Sunday against the Texans was a prime example. This week Indianapolis will have an easier task and will have no problem defeating the Rams at home.