Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers' Injury May Help Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell

The Philadelphia Eagles have caught a huge break going into Lambeau Field and taking on the Green Bay Packers minus their star Quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is simply what makes that Packers franchise run.

He gets the ball out quick, decisively and with a rocket arm, which masks the weaknesses of the Packers offensive line. He may simply be the best signal caller in the league. The Packers in my mind didn’t do a very good job of prepping for a potential Rodgers injury.

They left the cupboard pretty bare at Quarterback. Seneca Wallace is the backup and he looked completely lost and ineffective in the offense on Monday Night. I am pretty surprised that general manager Ted Thompson and company didn’t go out looking for a Quarterback on the waiver wire, but it looks like the Packers are sticking with what they have in house.

The Eagles defense gets a big time reprieve. They certainly have to change their game plan for Sunday afternoon. Wallace is more of an athlete at the position; he’s capable of beating you with his legs. While Rodgers is a pretty mobile guy, Wallace is potentially more dangerous. Much like last week with Terrelle Pryor, the game plan for the Eagles should be for Wallace to beat you with his arm.

He has not proven he can do that at this level yet. Until he learns, you have to force him to scan down field and go through his reads, which didn’t look like a strength of his a few nights ago. The Eagles have caught some fortune in this one.

They won’t see one of the game’s great Quarterbacks. Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles and the defense must capitalize on this while they’re on the road in order to win this ball game. If they do, they could be in the driver’s seat in the NFC East by the week’s end.


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