Jim Schwartz Shrugs Off Coaching Health Concerns; Tough or Stupid?

By Andrew Fisher
Jim Schwartz
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Week nine was a scary one in the NFL. First, John Fox was hospitalized after feeling light-headed while playing golf and then Gary Kubiak collapsed during halftime of the Houston Texans‘ game on SNF. Fox subsequently underwent heart valve replacement surgery and Kubiak spent over a day in the hospital after suffering a mini-stroke. These two incidents have made many people bring up the massive amounts of stress that head coaches are under and the impact it has on their health.

While we can’t say for sure, it’s likely that many years of coaching contributed to Fox’s and Kubiak’s health scares. One NFL coach who’s not worried about his own health? Jim Schwartz. Here’s what the Detroit Lions‘ head coach had to say about the impact of week nine’s health scares:

“That’s probably the same way you would talk in the locker room about a player that saw another player get an ACL or have another injury. If you let that affect the way you work, you’re in the wrong boat. Coaches don’t work 100 hours a week because they’re doing it because that’s healthy. They do it because the job requires it. It just is what it is.”

Schwartz’s stance might not be the smartest in human history, but he sounds like a guy who’s ready to deal with any negative health consequences. He obviously loves his job and he knows that 100-hour work weeks come with the territory. I agree with him, that if those long hours concern you, coaching may not be a wise career choice.


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