Kansas City Chiefs' Defense Has Been Rock Solid

By Troy Alan
John Rieger – USA Today Sports

There’s an old phrase which states “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” The Kansas City Chiefs have a bye week before traveling to take on the Denver Broncos in their house, Invesco Field at Mile High. The November 17 matchup has already produced enough excitement to be moved into the Sunday Night Football time slot to be aired nationally on NBC.

That’s not the only hype it’s stirred. There’s a Facebook post circulating, presumably created by a Broncos fan, which states that the Chiefs have only beaten one team this season that currently has a winning record. The statement is true. The Dallas Cowboys at 5-4 are the only one, but they also have a win against the 4-4 Tennessee Titans.

I decided to pretend I was a Denver fan. I noticed that the Broncos also had only beaten one team above .500 this season — the Cowboys. Denver had played the 6-2 Indianapolis Colts, but lost 33-39 back in Week 7. Surely, I thought, the Broncos had beaten better teams than the Chiefs. They played both the Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins already.

It was at that moment a realization came to me. The teams that Kansas City had beaten this year had a combined 27 wins. Denver’s opponents only had 26, and the Broncos lost to one of them.

Back mentally where I belonged, as a Chiefs fan, I decided to research the origin of the aforementioned proverb. I learned that the original version was “Those who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.”  It derives from a tropical king who lived in a grand two-story house built from grass. He received a new throne as a gift and stowed his old one on the second floor. A storm came in off the ocean and the old throne came crashing down, killing him.

Don’t be throwing those pretty rocks you have out there in Colorado at translucent glass just yet, Broncos fans. Survive the oceanside winds of the 4-4 San Diego Chargers this Sunday with your gifted new leader of the offense and his crown intact first. Just so you’re not also viewing San Diego through a foggy Denver window, the Chargers have won nine more games than the Broncos and have been to two more playoffs in the past decade.

The Chiefs Kingdom will be watching from their castle built of stone. Defense is something Denver has yet to encounter.

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