Kansas City Chiefs Lay Egg, Win Anyway

By Troy Alan
Timothy T. Ludwig – USA Today Sports

Most y’all ain’t from the country and have probably never seen a good rooster-peckin’. It happens when a male chicken is trying to get something he wants. It could be food scraps or the most egg-bearing hen. The Kansas City Chiefs have a flock this year that are doing a lot of scrappin’, but not with each other.

“They continue to fight and battle, and in that fourth quarter they take over and dominate,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said following his team’s come from behind victory on Sunday.

He was deservingly referencing the entire team, but if you’re watching closely, you may think the Chiefs offense is at the bottom of the pecking order.

Kansas City ranks 25th in the NFL in overall offensive production despite running back Jamaal Charles being just one yard behind Marshawn Lynch for second in league rushing yards. He’s running away from a lot of people, but no one in his own barnyard.

It would appear the Chiefs’ defense rules the roost in Kansas City, but I can assure you there’s one member of the offensive peep that will not be pecked upon, and it’s No. 25. Charles did not score a point in this weekend’s contest with the Buffalo Bills. Kansas City’s entire offense didn’t per say; winning with three field goals, two defensive touchdowns and two extra points.

Jamaal is not gonna be confronted, however. He had just six carries for 28 yards going into the second half this weekend, but after Tamba Hali returned a fumble recovery to put the Chiefs in the lead early in the fourth… Charles became Kansas City’s fiercest defensive weapon.

Aside from Alex Smith‘s three kneel-downs to end the game, the Chiefs ran exactly four offensive plays that didn’t involve Charles the entire rest of the game. Jamaal had 10 carries for 52 yards in the final quarter, also catching a pass for -2 yards.

Charles may have fallen behind Lynch this weekend on the league’s leading rusher list, but he gained 46 on LeSean McCoy who currently roosts atop the league. He did it while allowing Kansas City’s brood of defensive hens to sit and rest on top off what became a 9-0 egg.

Troy Alan is a Kansas City Chiefs writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @TRantMedia.

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