Miami Dolphins Rumors: Richie Incognito Could Cause Bountygate-Style Punishment

By Andrew Fisher

The Miami DolphinsRichie Incognito fiasco is potentially set to take a wild turn. Reports came out on Tuesday night that the Dolphins’ coaching staff could have possibly been behind Incognito bullying Jonathan Martin. The reports state that after Martin missed an OTA workout, coaches instructed Incognito to ‘toughen’ the second-year player up. Clearly, Incognito went too far with with his actions and words. But to an extent, he may have been acting on behalf of the Dolphins.

Here’s what our source had to say about the firestorm that could be headed the Dolphins way:

“I heard some details about the Jonathan Martin ordeal.  If true, and those details go public it will be front page news. Miami could face a bountygate style punishment. (Jeff) Ireland is a dead man walking, (Joe) Philbin may get a season to prove himself but heads will roll from all parties of the Dolphins if true.”

That’s right, a bountygate-style punishment.

If indeed it turns out that the Dolphins’ staff was at the root of the harassment of Martin, this thing could get really ugly. It was bad enough when the perception was that the staff failed because they let the situation get to the point it did. But if they turn out to be behind it, even to a small degree, oh man.

If things unfold like we think they will, multiple members of the Miami staff are likely to get their walking papers in the near future.


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