New York Jets Should Trade Or Release Stephen Hill Next Year

By Stephen Conway
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Hill has not lived up to expectations, and if he doesn’t start to perform well in the second half of the season, the New York Jets should cut him or try to trade him.

Hill has 23 receptions for 340 yards and one score. This may make you think that Hill is having a decent year, but he really has been ineffective, especially when he needs to be so much so for a rookie quarterback in Geno Smith.

It seems as though Hill is rarely targeted, and it’s because of his route running. Hill’s scouting report coming out of college was that his route running needed to be improved on. Hill isn’t getting open nearly enough as he needs to be. Smith needs Hill as a safegoat and a go-to guy, but Hill has yet to be that.

With all the injuries, and the lack of depth on the receiving end, Hill has had a golden opportunity thus far to light it up, but he has not done that.

Hill is a great size, standing 6-foot-4, with blazing speed. Hill is oozing with potential, but he has yet to be consistent, and he has yet to be a factor in games.

A team that has rookie quarterback, is trying to rebuild and plan for the future, while at the same time is currently in a playoff spot, they need some consistent, good production out of their receivers, and if Hill doesn’t give that this second half of the season, they should cut ties with him and try to find another receiver who could do a better job.

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