Nick Foles Needs To Continue To Play At A High Level For Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

We all know by now about Nick Foles historic day. He threw for seven TD passes, no interceptions, and over 400 yards in what could have possibly been the greatest Quarterback performance of all time. The real question that we as Eagles fans hopefully find out is who is the real Foles?

He is only a few weeks removed from a historically bad game against the Dallas Cowboys. Now, he is breaking record books. We have seen both sides of the spectrum with Foles to an extreme. These last seven weeks, assuming that Foles is the starter, will be very important in determining if he can be a consistent Quarterback.

Heaps of criticism were thrown on Foles after his clunker in a big divisional game at home and rightfully so; he was simply awful. Missing open targets, holding onto the ball too long, and just being overall indecisive at the Quarterback position. This isn’t the Foles we had come to know in his brief career as a Philadelphia Eagle. He is billed for being an accurate and decisive signal caller.

That’s what made the game a few weeks ago all the more bizarre. Equally as surprising may have been his monster performance last week. I don’t believe anyone in either locker room, including Foles himself, expected for him to go out and do what he did. It happened though, and it may have been the best single game individual performance in franchise history.

Foles needs to build on this and become a consistent Quarterback for the Eagles week in and week out rather than having the dramatic ups and downs. I am still not sure that Chip Kelly, a guy throughout college who has craved an athletic threat at Quarterback, is sold on Foles.

Foles can demand that spot with his play over the course of the year. If he plays lights out, he simply must be given the keys next year as the franchise guy. Is Foles the Eagles next franchise Quarterback? More of the picture will be revealed on Sunday.

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