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Philadelphia Eagles’ Top 5 NFL Draft Flops of My Lifetime

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Top 5 Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft Flops

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Year after year, the NFL draft gives hope for a new and successful season. It is such an essential piece for professional teams to be victorious.

Before the NFL season begins, every team is optimistic that with an improved roster they can conduct a winning season. The draft has proven to be a critical and often times damaging event for NFL teams. If a team drafts correctly it could dramatically improve their season, but if a team drafts incorrectly the results could be detrimental.

Throughout history, every team in the NFL has been prone to drafting mistakes. Often times a successful draft seems completely unpredictable. There is no exact formula for making good draft decisions which will lead to an incredible roster. There have been smart teams that have made colossal draft mistakes, and there have been notable “dumber” teams that have made smart drafting decisions. In a way it’s unpredictable and no team is immune to these errors. For example, the San Francisco 49ers passed up Aaron Rodgers for Alex Smith, and many discounted Tom Brady’s skills during the 2000 draft. The New England Patriots didn’t draft Brady until pick No. 199!

Every year more people are employed to improve a team’s roster. They scout to seek out new prospects, analyze stats, and strategize every drafting decision in hopes of improving their team. No matter how much you prepare there are bound to be a few draft flops. In my old age, the ripe age of 22 and a half, I have witnessed many Eagles draft disappointments. Here are what I believe to be the top five biggest Philadelphia Eagles draft busts of my lifetime.

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5. Bernard Williams

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Offensive tackle Bernard Williams was drafted 14th overall in 1994 and couldn’t seem to pass a single drug test. He was suspended for his drug use and failed a total of fifteen drug tests which ultimately led to the demise of his career.

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4. Mike Mamula

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Mike Mamula was a defensive end who was drafted in 1995. The Eagles traded 1st and 2nd round picks to draft Mamula, who over the span of his six-year career only accumulated 31.5 sacks.

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3. Jon Harris

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Jon Harris was drafted in the first round in 1997. Harris only started 19 games at the University of Virginia and his inexperience reflected during his time as an Eagle. Ultimately, he was a huge waste of a first round draft pick.

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2. Freddie Mitchell

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Freddie Mitchell was drafted in the first round and 25th overall in 2001. Mitchell had a short four-year NFL career. He had few memorable plays and was most known for his extreme ego and outlandish interviews.

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1. Jerome McDougle

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The Eagles gave up their 30th and 63rd overall pick in 2003 to draft Jerome McDougle. With only 35 tackles and three sacks, McDougle didn’t start a single game and was injured during the majority of his career.