Richie Incognito and the 20 NFL Players Who Are Flat-Out Idiots

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Richie Incognito and the NFL's Biggest Idiots

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We all know about athletes who are notorious for acting poorly off the field and some even take that poor decision-making onto the field. Everyone knows who the biggest idiot to grace the NFL in recent memory is and if you don't, then you probably haven't watched the news lately. Aaron Hernandez is the one guy that can be considered the biggest idiot in the NFL in the past decade-plus, so we will excluded him from this list.

Another situation has arisen in recent weeks as the Miami Dolphins are in the midst of a huge player scandal that could result in the demise of a couple guys' pro football careers. Jonathan Martin was involved in a locker room case of bullying with teammate Richie Incognito in which Martin ended up walking out on the team because of a mental breakdown that was possibly brought on by Incognito's harsh treatment.

This isn't the only situation of players being idiots in the NFL. As you might recall, the tale of Titus Young was a short one filled with breaking the law and lackluster effort on the field. The young wide out came into the NFL as a very talented prospect and left just as quickly, being known for failing to show up for court appearances and getting arrested three times in five days.

There are some guys on the field who can be considered 'dirty' and who make extremely idiotic plays while they think no one is looking. We could probably include 90 percent of Terrell Owens' touchdown celebrations on this list of biggest idiots because he was never the brightest when it came to respecting opponents.

Idiots in the NFL come in all shapes and sizes. From wide receivers to offensive and defensive lineman, there is no shortage of idiots in the league.

Take a look at my list of the 10 biggest idiots in the NFL -- and yes, Incognito is on there.

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20. Roddy White

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Besides calling fans on Twitter 'peasants' and saying that NFL analysts have no right to be mad at anyone for getting a DUI because everyone has, White is a pretty good guy. Wait, no, he's an idiot.

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19. Antonio Cromartie

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Besides being dubbed as 'not very smart', Cromartie has also fathered 12 children from eight different women. Uh, what?

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18. Kellen Winslow

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Winslow was injured in a motorcycle accident in 2005 after reportedly performing wheelies that went wrong. Not smart.

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17. Philip Rivers

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The way Rivers carries himself on the field is less than ideal as he is always yelling at teammates and officials. This guy is the epitome of a hot head.

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16. Dashon Goldson

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Goldson is becoming known for the illegal helmet-to-helmet hits that he puts on opponents. Watch out for this guy flying at your noggin.

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15. Joe Philbin

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Not many people look like a bigger idiot than Philbin nowadays. The Miami Dolphins head coach doesn't even know what went on in his own locker room -- or maybe he just isn't telling us. He may have ruined two young men's football careers.

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14. Aqib Talib

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He was involved in a fistfight at the rookie symposium in 2008, assaulted a taxi driver in 2009, fired a gun at his sister's boyfriend in 2011 and is just an overall terrible person. That's all.

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13. Brandon Meriweather

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His 'dirty' hits have been well-documented and his comments, although sarcastic, about tearing people's ACLs were not taken too kindly.

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12. Titus Young

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Talk about a guy who messed up his promising career. Young was a solid NFL wide out before he became known as a hot head with legal issues.

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11. Jerry Jones

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Jones is a very outspoken and well-known owner of the NFL. Not many of his own fans even like him, considering him the problem of the franchise with his ill-mannered decisions.

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10. DeSean Jackson

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DeSean is known for his selfish antics on the field and his trash talking off it. You'd be hard-pressed to find Jackson not acting like an idiot after making a great play. Perfect example below.

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9. Ben Roethlisberger

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Can't find a bigger idiot than a guy who has been accused of sexual assault on multiple occasions by different women. Oh yeah, and he's a pretty rude guy.

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8. Dez Bryant

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While Bryant's recent sideline antics when the Cowboys travel to Detroit came out to be mostly positive, the wide receiver has been wide considered a prima donna and a complete bonehead.

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7. Greg Schiano

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It's hard to think of Schiano in positive terms because the head coach and his staff have been nothing but insane since joining Tampa Bay. How can you not be an idiot if you tell your own defensive players not to help up their opponents after a play? This locker room does not seem happy with the head coaching situation.

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6. Von Miller

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According to reports, Miller showed up to court an hour and 45 minutes after he was scheduled to appear for traffic offenses. That's not even the bad part of his legal history, he's had a run-in with the law four times and was suspended for tampering with a positive drug test. Can you say 'idiot'?

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5. Aldon Smith

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A couple DUIs, stab wounds and gun possession charges later and you have one of the most immature and idiotic players in the NFL. Hopefully Smith's rehab stint did him well.

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4. Justin Blackmon

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Blackmon is the kind of idiot that can't learn his lesson. Receiving a DUI once and getting suspended from Oklahoma State in 2010 would seem like it'd be enough to scare him straight. However, another DUI and two banned substance abuse suspensions from the NFL later and you have an almost complete waste of talent.

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3. Riley Cooper

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We all are very well aware of what Riley Cooper said at a country concert a few months back. Using racial obscenities can be cause enough to put you on an idiot list. Come on man.

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2. Ndamukong Suh

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Suh is known for his dirty, classless plays. Many Lions fans would agree he's been idiotic in the NFL for costing his team some serious penalty yards.

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1. Richie Incognito

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I would make Aaron Hernandez No. 1 on this list, but lets hope he is never part of the NFL again and his name deserves no recognition. Another man from the Nebraska Cornhuskers, like Suh, Incognito had been labeled the dirtiest player in the NFL by fellow players in 2009 as well as a pretty long list of problems to go with it. However, it's his dumb racial-slurring, mother-insulting and life-threatening antics off the field against Jonathan Martin that have gotten him in some hot water. He may be out of a job very soon.