Richie Incognito's Former Teammate Defends Miami Dolphins OL in Wake of Jonathan Martin Saga (Audio)

By Patrick Schmidt

The ongoing saga with the Miami Dolphins involving Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin has dominated the headlines in the NFL and has bled into the mainstream news with the strong comments made by Incognito.

Incognito is suspended indefinitely by the Dolphins for his treatment of Martin, which may have been ordered by the Dolphins coaching staff to toughen up the second-year offensive lineman. The media has labeled Incognito everything from a racist to a dirty player, to a guy who should never play in the NFL again.

The overwhelming majority of those making these statements have never met Incognito or set foot in an NFL locker room to understand the culture, behavior and rules inside the football offices. On Wednesday afternoon on my radio show, I had the opportunity to talk with Mike Karney, who played with Incognito with the St. Louis Rams during the 2009 season and has had a relationship with Incognito dating back eight years.

He spoke about Richie as a person outside the locker room, and if that is the type of person he was inside the locker room. He also discussed if his behavior toward Martin was something he saw toward offensive linemen on the Rams while the two were teammates.

The entire conversation can be played and downloaded here with topics including, but not limited to, if Incognito is a racist, if Martin is soft, who he would want as a teammate, the lack of leadership in Miami and if Incognito will ever play again.

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