How Will The Denver Broncos Play Without John Fox?

By Tylor Walden
Robert Deutsch- USA TODAY Sports

They say that a team plays harder with a key member from the team having some life changing event going on. That could be the case starting this weekend.

The Denver Broncos will be playing their first game without John Fox for the first time since he was named the head coach for the 2011 season. This is a similar story to what the Indianapolis Colts dealt with last season with Chuck Pagno missing a good chunk of the 2012 season with leukemia. When he was sidelined, the Colts played like a team with a lot of passion and will power to do well with their coach gone. I can see the same thing happening for the Broncos for many reasons. This team has a lot of passion when it comes to playing.

The only difference between the Broncos and the Colts is experience. When Pagano went down, the team was not expected to do well. In fact, it was a rebuilding year. But the Colts found a way to win enough games to reach the postseason. In the Broncos’ case, they have that experience but not the coach. So, the question for them is, how will they play without the main man on the sidelines?

The good news is that Jack Del Rio has coaching experience, so they are in good hands. But another question is, how will the Broncos handle his style of coaching? There is a good chance the plays will not change at all and Del Rio will just continue using Fox’s system of plays. But this is a team that is so used to looking at one man on the sidelines on how to run the play and look over what went wrong and what went right. Losing the man who executes his game plan in this chess game called football in order to get checkmate and win can be challenging for a team. But not seeing him there and knowing that he can be watching from wherever he is will give the Broncos the passion and determination to not only win the game to be one step closer, but to win for their coach.

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