Jay Cutler Deserves Credit After Speedy Recovery

By Andrew Fisher
Jay Cutler
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It didn’t look good for the Chicago Bears after Jay Cutler went down in week seven. The quarterback suffered a groin injury and was expected to be sidelined for at least a month. But now just three weeks later, Cutler is slated to make his return to the gridiron.

Luckily, the Bears had a bye in week eight, which gave backup Josh McCown the extra time he needed to prepare for the Green Bay Packers this past Monday. McCown played well for the Bears on MNF and it certainly didn’t hurt anything that Aaron Rodgers went down with an injury of his own in the first quarter. But now as we get set for week 10, the Bears find themselves in a battle with the Detroit Lions for control of the NFC North.

So with everything that’s gone down over the past few weeks, you really have to give credit to the Bears and specifically to Cutler. The QB no doubt has his fair share of critics, many of which question his work ethic and attitude. But after beating the odds and working his tail off to get back on the the field one week ahead of schedule, even the harshest of Cutler-critics should be tipping their caps. It’s very clear that he wants to be out there to help his team win games and you certainly can’t say that about every player that goes down with an injury.

Bears’ head coach Marc Trestman summed it up best with this quote:

“He understands how to take care of himself, and he’s a unique athlete. There was an incredible amount of hard work and effort that he had put in to even have a chance. We’re excited about it. It says a lot about his commitment to the team.”


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