Miami Dolphins' Richie Incognito Fiasco Is A Black Mark On The NFL

By Ryan Wenzell

This whole Richie Incognito disaster is not a good look for the NFL and certainly not for the Miami Dolphins organization. As we all know, Incognito threatened and used racial slurs on teammate and fellow offensive lineman Jonathan Martin. That in itself was an egregious act.

What may be even more egregious is the way the Dolphins’ players and organization are handling it. They are coming to the defense of Incognito, the man who started this entire firestorm. Black players on the team are referring to him as their “brother”, almost condoning his use of the foul and racially-charged language that spewed out of his mouth.

It sets a bad example for the entire league and really makes you wonder if this is the locker room atmosphere that takes place among the other 31 franchises. Somehow, this story has been spun to the point where Martin is just as much to blame as Incognito in this whole mess.

I get where this is coming from. Martin could have handled this man-to-man or with the team instead of making everything public, but I still disagree. Martin is the victim here. For whatever reason, the Dolphins organization thought it was a wise move to give the extremely volatile Incognito the task of lighting a fire under Martin and getting him motivated to play football.

We saw how that turned out. Martin’s heart may not lie in football. If you need a player or players to motivate you, that’s a problem. It’s a good thing for Martin that he’s a smart individual. His father was a Harvard grad and Martin himself graduated from the ivy league Stanford program.

I have no doubt that he can go on and be successful at something other than football. For now, this is as bizarre and strange a story as I can remember as new information about this scandal comes out seemingly daily. What we do know? Both of these players have played their last down of professional football.

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