Ray Rice Says He Hasn't Fallen Off; Fans Beg the Differ

By Andrew Fisher
Ray Rice
USA Today Sports

The 2013 season hasn’t exactly gone to plan for the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. It was clear this team had a tough task in front of it after a ton of offseason turnover, but one player was supposed to continue his role as the team’s backbone. That player is none other than Ray Rice. The Ravens’ running back has been as reliable as they come over the past four seasons. He’s gained at least 1,600 yards from scrimmage every year since 2009 and he’s always been the guy the team has gone to when it needed a few tough yards. That was, until 2013.

Rice has fallen off this season and not just a little bit. Granted, he did have a hip injury in September that derailed his season a bit, but it’s now November and the RB still doesn’t look like his old self. But regardless of the fact that he’s averaging a by far a career-low number 2.7 yards per carry, the RB insists that he hasn’t fallen off.

“Everybody has these situations. A down year is not going to make or break me as a person. I’ve been through a lot worse than averaging what I’m averaging in carries. I got broad shoulders. I’ll take it.”

You would think Rice just turned 30 or something, but he’s only 26-years old. On top of that, he says he’s feeling better than he has all year. I suppose that’s good news, but the harsh reality is that he just came off a 17-yard performance against the Cleveland Browns.

Rice says that he’s just focused on the remainder of the season, which is the right mindset. But he needs to get things going in a big way in week 10. The Ravens need a spark on offense and that starts with him.


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