Salary Cap Implications Of Releasing Nnamdi Asomugha For San Francisco 49ers

By Lucas Carreras

Fans might not think about or take into consideration about the potential immediate and long-term salary cap hit that a team may take by releasing certain players. The only time fans of a team might be aware that moves are made as a result of the salary cap factoring in are when a team decides to release an older player at a certain position in favor of a younger player who is just as good and cheaper.

When the San Francisco 49ers released Nnamdi Asomugha on Monday, the 49ers made a move that might impact their salary cap situation in the upcoming offseason and might play a role when the team tries to extend the contract of several of their young star players. As was reported by CSN Bay Area 49ers Insider Matt Maiocco, because the 49ers released Asomugha and as a result of Asomugha not being claimed off waivers, Asomugha will receive 8/17ths of his base $1 million salary which winds up being $470,588.

Now some of you may be saying well how can the fact that Asomugha was not claimed hurt the 49ers or potentially hamstring them in the year(s) to come? Well as Maiocco explained, because no other team claimed Asomugha the 49ers will be unable to save $470,000 which would have been paid to him by another team if claimed; that will instead now be dead money. As a result of the 49ers losing out on $470,000 in savings, it won’t be able to parlay that into the $2.35 million for a signing bonus payment payment over a five-year period as allowed by the collective bargaining agreement.

This could have a big impact on future negotiations with the likes of Mike Iupati and Michael Crabtree potentially in line for contract extensions and Colin Kaepernick and Aldon Smith eligible to begin negotiating contract extensions after the 2013 season. While I don’t expect the 49ers to have too many issues yet when it comes to potential extensions of any of the four players, we all know that contract negotiations can sometimes be contentious with every dollar amount fought for. Keeping that in mind, the loss of $470,000 just adds another wrinkle to those potential negotiations.

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