Should Fans Worry About New England Patriots' Locker Room?

By Jared Smith
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone is aware of the Miami Dolphins story that is going on right now. There has been so many questions and takes from players, coaches, fans and media personnel, and yet we still have very little answers or an understanding of what is really going on.

One thing that I have heard over and over is that it is like this in all or most locker rooms in the NFL. Obviously I do not think it is to the extent of what we are hearing about the Dolphins, but it makes me wonder if there are similar things going on in other teams’ locker rooms like the New England Patriots.

Being a former athlete and playing on many different teams in my life, I understand the banter that goes back and forth between players. Sometimes people are joking, sometimes people are in a bad mood and it comes out, but usually it is taken care of in the locker room and its over once you step out.

This case, however it seems that it has been taken way too far and when a player like Richie Incognito is using racial slurs directed at a player, the NFL is now going to crack down on this and many teams will take a hard look at their locker room to make sure this stuff is not going on.

The Patriots have always preached team chemistry and having a good locker room. I am not too concerned that this stuff is going on, but would it surprise anyone if former players came out and said that they played on teams that this went on all the time? This will be something interesting to watch over the next couple weeks to see if players or coaches on the Patriots are questioned about their own locker room.

There is no place for racism in any sport, but with how the NFL has handled things in the past like personal fouls, I feel like the “No Fun League” could come down and start fining teams for every little thing that we hear about moving forward. Hopefully this is something that is settled and goes away, because the last thing that other teams want is more attention on what goes on behind closed doors and the NFL getting even more involved.

There are so many angles to this story that I really am not sure who is telling the truth or what exactly is going to come from this, but it will continue to be a story looms over the rest of the NFL.

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