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Top 5 Twitter Reactions to Nick Foles’ Perfect Game for Philadelphia Eagles

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Top 5 Twitter Reactions to Nick Foles

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Talking the pulse of what interests the public has become much easier over the last 50 years.

What used to be determined by things like phone surveys and TV ratings is now more immediate thanks to social media barometers like Twitter and Facebook. Had this been any other week, the name Nick Foles would have been at the top of every sports list because the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback pitched the NFL equivalent to a baseball perfect game in a 49-20 win over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. He went 22-for-28 for 406 yards and seven touchdowns, and became only the seventh quarterback in the history of the NFL to do that. His performance was the most perfect of those games because he was the only quarterback to achieve a perfect passer rating of 158.3 while throwing those seven TDs.

Instead of Foles basking in the notoriety all week, though, the Richie Incognito story blew up a day after that and became the trending sports story of the week, relegating Foles to a strong second place in the sports category. Incognito had explosive elements that the Foles story did not: social issues like race and bullying that crossed sports lines.

Foles' story, though, appeals to the more hardcore sports fan, including a large element of fantasy league players waffling over whether or not to pull the trigger and start the Eagles’ quarterback against a Green Bay Packers team without Aaron Rodgers this Sunday. If you have only Rodgers and Foles as your quarterbacks, the choice becomes easy. It is somewhat more muddled if you have Foles and someone else.

Meanwhile, despite the number of entertaining Incognito tweets, there were some interesting Twitter takes on Foles’ great day. Here are the best five I've found:

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5. Hall of Fame Wasted No Time

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If Foles never has another game like the one he had on Sunday, and chances are he won't, he'll always have a place in the NFL Hall of Fame.

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4. Beats Jaguars' Team Record

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It's a pretty sad commentary on the state of the Jacksonville Jaguars that Foles did more good work in 40 minutes and 26 seconds than the Jags' QBs have done all season.

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3. A Long Time Coming

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Since 1969, no quarterback had done what Nick Foles and Peyton Manning did this season. Manning did it in the first game of this year and Foles followed it 59 days later.

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2. Catching Up To A Brady Bunch

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In one day, Foles caught up to a gang of three that includes Tom Brady. All have 13 touchdown passes this season.

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1. What Was Manning Thinking?

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ESPN's Sports Nation can only speculate on a possible Manning reaction to Foles tying his record for most touchdown passes in a single game this season.