Without Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers Cannot Defeat Philadelphia Eagles

By emilyhenning
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Aaron Rodgers fractured his left collarbone during Monday night’s game against the Chicago Bears which will put him on the bench for at least a month. The All-Pro Green Bay Packer is one of the best quarterbacks of all-time. He has a 105.2 career passer rating and three Pro Bowls; it’s safe to say that Rodgers is irreplaceable. Not to mention the Packers have no feasible second option, at least no second string quarterback that even slightly measures up to Rodgers.

Green Bay recently announced that Seneca Wallace will be starting on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. After taking over for the injured Rodgers Monday night, Wallace went 11-for-19 for 114 yards, absorbed four sacks, one interception and no touchdowns. Wallace will be taking all of the starting snaps with the offense during practice this week, and the team is optimistic that they can put up a good fight against the Eagles. Green Bay argues that last week Wallace was placed into an Aaron Rodgers style offense, and next week he should play well because the offensive plays will better match his abilities.

To me this seems like a long shot. Even with one week of practice and a tailored offensive style designed to improve Wallace’s performance I don’t believe he will lead the Packers to a win. Hopefully I’m not jinxing my Eagles, but I just don’t see how the Packers can pull off a win.

First, let’s take a look at Wallace as a quarterback. Not only did he spend the 2012 season at home, but he has only had 21 starts over the span of his ten-year NFL career. The 5-foot-11 quarterback can move around pretty well, but his accuracy is touch-and-go. Mobility is Wallace’s strong suit, but the same goes for Terrelle Pryor who is doubly as mobile which the Eagles handled beautifully last week. The Eagles’ defense was able to keep the pressure on Pryor, and if they can control him and the rest of the Raiders offense they should surely be able to hold up against Wallace. In addition, Wallace cannot handle the quick style offense that Rodgers can. Green Bay’s offense will unquestionably move slower which will benefit the Eagles defense.

Second, Philadelphia’s coaching staff is very familiar with Wallace’s abilities and playing style. Wallace previously played for the Cleveland Browns where Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis and Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur were previously employed. This familiarity will be an advantage for the Eagles.

Green Bay does have some talented players, but without their MVP they won’t be able to defeat the Eagles. And with a 4-5 record this game is critical to any Eagles’ playoff hopes.

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