Terry Bradshaw Reveals Struggles With Memory Loss and Depression From Football

By Andrew Fisher
Terry Bradshaw
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

In a trend that’s becoming all too familiar, another former football player has opened up about head trauma-related issues. This time, it’s hall-of-famer Terry Bradshaw. The former Pittsburgh Steelers‘ quarterback recently did an interview with USA Today, where he shed light on symptoms he’s had in his post playing days.

“I was frustrated I couldn’t remember stuff, and I got real upset. It was driving me nuts. I got tested to see what condition my brain is in. And it’s not in real good shape. I’m certainly nowhere near as bad as Tony or Junior, that’s not where I am. But you can’t play 30 years in football and not have conditions. It’s just that some are worse than others.”

Bradshaw is referring to Tony Dorsett, who was just diagnosed with CTE, and Junior Seau who tragically committed suicide last year.

In addition to memory loss, Bradshaw says he suffers from bouts of depression and that if he had a son, that he wouldn’t let him play football. At 65-years of age, he wonders if it’s normal to walk into a room and to not know why you’re there. But I think we can all agree that hits to the head are playing a role in that.

The hall-of-famer’s revelations just further drive home the point that if you’re going to play football, there will be consequences. As he pointed out, some people have more harsh consequences than others, but nearly everyone is going to pay a price.

On the positive side of things, Bradshaw says he’s working with his doctors to try and treat his symptoms. Hopefully, he can find a medication or something that helps him regain some of his short-term memory.


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