What is Tom Brady's Foreseeable Future with the New England Patriots?

By Logan Godfrey
Tom Brady's Future
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Over the course of a great player’s history things happen experts just cannot predict. Players get injured, retire abruptly or even change teams. Tom Brady, a great player in his own right, is getting older, and sometimes quarterbacks still playing at a pretty high level are replaced with a young gun. Usually this happens for on of two reasons: money or a team looking towards the future. In recent years, the NFL has provided us with a few great examples of great quarterbacks changing teams. Peyton Manning and Brett Favre are two of those signal callers. 

Manning, regardless of how he much did for the Indianapolis Colts, was released by team because of his salary cap figure and the Colts’ chance to draft Andrew Luck. Would the Colts have been better off with Manning or Luck? That is something experts won’t be able to answer for the foreseeable future, but it happened anyway. Favre, on the other hand, retired. Then he retired again. And again. You get the picture. The Green Bay Packers had to do something because former first round draft pick Aaron Rodgers was waiting in the wings. The team decided to trade him to the New York Jets, and that move has worked out well for the Packers so far as the team has won a Super Bowl with Rodgers. 

Do we now have to question Brady’s future with the New England Patriots? I would say at least consider it. New England has always done what was best for the organization, and that has usually involved building around Brady. I’m not saying this will happen in 2014, but will there be a time when New England decides to move on from Brady in order to continue their success? When Brady enters the final year of his contract the Patriots should consider all options available. If there is a franchise quarterback available in the draft or free agency, New England has to consider it. 

If history proves anything it’s that New England covets draft picks. If a team is one veteran quarterback away from winning a championship could you imagine what that team would offer New England to get Brady? It would be a steep price, but New England could get so much in return. How does Brady for potentially multiple high round draft picks sound? Pretty appetizing if you’re willing to win now and for the future.

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