Midseason Prediction: Which Team Will Win Each Division And Why

By Jon Bruno
Colin Kaepernick Niners Panthers
Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports Images

We’re midway through the NFL season. How crazy is that? It feels like yesterday we were speculating on who was going to make the playoffs. Like every season, anyone who made preseason playoff picks is probably going back on a few of them. For instance, I predicted the New York Jets to go 4-12, and they already have five wins. I predicted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to go 7-9, and they don’t have a win yet. So, now that we’re starting to get a grasp on team’s identities, we can make better predictions as to who will make it big, and here it is.


Current Leader: Dallas Cowboys

Who Will Win It?: Dallas Cowboys

Why?: I really thought that the Washington Redskins were going to make a run and take the division again, but then they lost to the Minnesota Vikings. Although they are 3-6 like they were last year when they ended up winning it, I just don’t think they have it in them. The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t played consistent enough for me to think they’ll win, and the New York Giants are simply too far gone. So, the Cowboys, in a way, win by default. The cold hard truth is that the NFC East is just really bad.


Current Leader: 3 Way Tie — Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears

Who Will Win It?: Green Bay Packers

Why?: This is by far the hardest division to pick because of the current quarterback injuries to Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers, so this one for me was a toss up between the Packers and Lions. I think the Packers are just the safest bet right now, because I can’t trust Detroit’s defense and Chicago is having a stereotypical Chicago season.


Current Leader: New Orleans Saints

Who Will Win?: New Orleans Saints

Why?: The Saints are the favorite in this division, so long as Drew Brees stays healthy. The only team with a chance to creep up on them is the Carolina Panthers, but the Saints are just too good of an all-around football team to lose this division.


Current Leader: Seattle Seahawks

Who Will Win It?: Seattle Seahawks

Why?: The Seahawks and the San Francsisco 49ers will probably finish their season’s very similar: good. What sets the Seahawks apart from the 49ers honestly, is just the fact that they have a better record right now. I think both teams will lose only two or three more games. The Hawks also have the edge because of the immense home-field advantage.

WILD CARD: San Francsisco 49ers, Carolina Panthers


Current Leader: New England Patriots

Who Will Win It?: New England Patriots

Why?: We all know the Patriots haven’t had their most impressive season, but they are still 7-2 and have the hardest part of their schedule past them. While the Jets may come close, they won’t win this division. The Pats may only lose one or two more games this season.


Current Leader: Cincinnati Bengals

Who Will Win It?: Cincinnati Bengals

Why?: The AFC North is another very disappointing division. The Pittsburgh Steelers have no shot and the Baltimore Ravens will essentially have to win-out to have a chance at the division title. While the Cleveland Browns are technically still in it, the Bengals are already 6-3 and have a pretty easy schedule upcoming.


Current Leader: Indianpolis Colts

Who Will Win It?: Indianpolis Colts

Why?: Let’s face it, the AFC South is another division that is pure trash. They only have one team currently above .500 and they’ll only have one team finish over .500. Besides the Colts, this division is a combined 6-18.


Current Leader: Kansas City Chiefs

Who Will Win It?: Denver Broncos

Why?: The Chiefs are undefeated, true, but they have to play the Broncos and the San Diego Chargers twice, and they’ve gotten into holes the past couple of games. I don’t think their defense will be able to pull them out of a hole created by Peyton Manning. While the Broncos aren’t the perfect team either, their offense is damn near it.

WILD CARD: Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets

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