Oakland Raiders Need Terrelle Pryor to Win Game vs. New York Giants

By Jesse Oakley
Kirby Lee- USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders have had an interesting season thus far, to say the least.

This week, they play the New York Giants, who are 2-6 on the season. The Raiders come into this game 3-5, with a must-win situation. There’s no way the Raiders will win the AFC West with the Kansas City Chiefs running away with the division lead, but with some important wins and a little help, the Raiders could make the playoffs on a Wild Card. It’s a bold statement, but the fact is, the Raiders aren’t as bad as what everyone predicted, and it’s time to accept that.

It’s make or break for the Raiders this week. If Terrelle Pryor keeps up his stellar play, the Giants should be no problem.

The Giants do come into this game with some momentum, though, winning two in a row against the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles. Many are predicting the Giants to win this game, anywhere from a three-point to 20-point margin, based off of the simply awful play of game the Raiders had against the Eagles.

The Raiders absolutely need their underrated defense to step up this week. Pryor needs another amazing performance. It all depends on which Pryor the Raider fan base will see. Will they get the Pryor that almost beat the Indianapolis Colts and set a record against the Pittsburgh Steelers, or will they see the Pryor that almost faltered against the Jacksonville Jaguars and was horrible against the Eagles?

Ultimately, whether the Raiders win or lose this week, just like all season, it will all depend on Pryor and his ability to make great plays with his arm and legs.

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