10 Big-Name NFL Injuries That Could Be Costly in Week 10

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10 Big-Name NFL Injuries

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Injuries are a part of sports. It is probably the worst part of sports. It makes us realize that we are rooting for people rather than just a team or a television show. It makes what most of us use as an escape into something that is all too real.

The NFL could be the league that deals with the most injuries. The injury reports that comes out of every team could have as many as 20 players on it at a time. It is hard to go through the week hoping your favorite player will be able to suit up on Sunday.

These next 10 guys are almost certain, if not already confirmed, to miss their game in week 10. They are crucial players that will be sorely missed during their team's game. Some of them will miss the next couple of weeks, some were supposed to come back this week, but will wait until Week 11 and some were put on injured reserve and will miss the rest of 2013.

Coming into this week, there are 22 teams that are within two games of a playoff spot. It is Week 10, yet there doesn't seem to be any divisions or Wild Card spots that are decided just yet. The second half of the season is going to be very exciting. The fact that all but 10 of the teams are still playing for something is a great situation.

The following are the 10 most important players who will miss Week 10 in the NFL with an injury.

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Aaron Rodgers

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Might as well get the obvious player out of the way while we're here. Aaron Rodgers may be one of the most important players in the league right now. He was playing behind a god-awful offensive line and an equally terrible defense, but still carried his team to a 5-2 record. The Green Bay Packers lost to Josh McCown and the Chicago Bears while he was out on Monday night. Another note, how will Rodgers absence affect Eddie Lacy's season? How is Seneca Wallace going to play?

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Max Unger

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The Seattle Seahawks are already without their offensive tackles. Now they have to play without their star center. They have been lucky with how the schedule shaped up playing a pitter-patter schedule for the past couple of weeks. They have had issues with some of these teams that they probably wouldn't have if they had an offensive line that is intact. Max Unger is just another guy on the shelf that the Seahawks didn't need.

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Corey Webster/David Wilson

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We will just put these two together because of the fact that they are on a middling New York Giants team. Corey Webster is having his worst season of his career, so being missing in the secondary may be a welcome change for this team. David Wilson's "breakout" season was not what anyone wanted. When he wasn't putting himself in the dog house for fumbling, he was ineffective. He will now miss the rest of the season.

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Darren McFadden

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Darren McFadden is going to miss an NFL game. In other surprising news, the sky is blue and crime is bad. This is just at the point where you have to accept that he is going to miss part to most of every single season. He just cannot stay healthy.

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Arian Foster

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Reports have come out of Houston Texans camp that Arian Foster may miss the rest of the season with a back injury. He will surely miss this week. With the fact that Ben Tate could be limited in this game, Foster would have been needed in this game. It is unfortunate for a team that had so many expectations that it did not live up to.

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Champ Bailey

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Champ Bailey is not the player he was at his apex, but he is still an extremely important player for the Denver Broncos. The fact that they have Peyton Manning scoring almost 43 points per game has made the fact that the defense has not played well swept under the rug. Bailey would have helped against Philip Rivers and a surprisingly good San Diego Chargers offense.

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Jermaine Gresham

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The Cincinnati Bengals fans get to see what they have in Tyler Eifert after word came out that Jermaine Gresham would miss this game. There are some who believe he already has outplayed him. Should be interesting to see how Andy Dalton plays with him. Actually, who cares, it isn't A.J. Green.

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Lance Briggs

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The new leader of the defense now that Brian Urlacher is retired, Lance Briggs will miss this big game against the Detroit Lions. The NFC North may be in the balance, but Briggs will not be there to defend it.

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Percy Harvin

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This was always just a hope more than a realistic prediction. It was thought that he was supposed to miss the first 11 games of the season. This would have been 10. They may even wait until after their Week 12 bye week before we see Percy Harvin's debut with the Seahawks.

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Doug Martin

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A bad Tampa Bay Buccaneer season gets even worse with the prognosis that Doug Martin will miss the rest of the season with a shoulder injury. His season has been pretty bad anyway, but a lot was expected coming into his sophomore season. He will make another go at it in 2014, probably with a new head coach.