Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith Says Has Not Played A November "Game of Relevance Since 2008"

By Dave Daniels
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Smith is an absolute classic for a quote is he not. His latest was pretty great, and just have to let it speak for itself.

“We haven’t played in a game in November of relevance since 2008,” Smith said. “Luke (Kuechly) was just graduating high school. That statistic is the most irrelevant statistic according to this locker room of the current players that you could possibly pull out of your ass.”

Wow. Isn’t that just a gem. Calling out the youth of Kuechly is a funny move, and part of the reason always love a soundbite from Smith.

Kuechly has been a pleasant surprise for the Panthers as has Cam Newton this season. There is finally balance on the offensive end this season, and this is looking more and more like a playoff team the more I see. My humble beginnings at Rant Sports were as a a Carolina Panthers beat writer which not a lot of folks know, but owe Newton quite a bit of gratitude because he gave me something to hold on to dammit. Went a little “Castaway” on you there, but I’m back.

Hopefully Smith can help his team get the win today, and the combination of him and Newton has always been fun to follow. Now that the Panthers are running the football well, and Ron Rivera is finally delivering some solid coaching performances on Sundays. This team’s fans deserve to see a playoff game, and here is hoping that this is the year that they finally break through and get there. Thanks for reading folks.

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