Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions: Week 10 Overreaction

By M. Quann Boyd
Jay Cutler
Mike Dinovo USA Today Sports

With the Chicago Bears taking the Green Bay Packers to the woodshed last Monday night in their win up in Lambeau Field, what do the Bears do as an encore in Week 10 against the Detroit Lions? Well, that depends on if it’s the first half or the second half of the game that’s being discussed.

In the first half, the Bears (both offensively and defensively) looked sharp, determined and ready to grab a stranglehold of the NFC North. However, that thought process came to a screeching halt as a result of a second-and-goal interception in the end zone thrown by Jay Cutler at the tail end of the first half.

The second half of the divisional match-up saw the Bears’ defense keeping Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson off balance for most of the game, and if it wasn’t for a 40-plus yard run by Reggie Bush on the Lions’ first drive to start the third quarter the Bears would have probably been in a better position to get the win and sole possession of first place.

Instead, the Bears’ offense was out of sync for a large majority of the second half. Most of the Bears’ problems on the offensive side of the ball were due in part to an injured Cutler playing at less than 100 percent through most of the second half. That in and of itself was one of the contributing factors that led to the team’s fourth loss.

No matter what Marc Trestman and staff think of Cutler’s abilities, it was evident early in the third quarter that Cutler wasn’t quite himself and that he wasn’t the best person at his position to help ensure a team victory. I’d hate to speculate as to Trestman’s reasoning for not pulling Cutler out of the game earlier in the half, but the head coach’s miscalculation in regards to Cutler’s play cost the Bears a much needed win.

Now, does that mean Cutler’s backup, Josh McCown, is a better quarterback than Cutler? Maybe, maybe not. But would McCown have given the Bears a better chance for the win? See last Monday night’s win for details. McCown maybe not be a great starting quarterback, but he is a remarkably good backup who has shown that in a pinch he can come into the game and do more than just manage the offense.

So with seven games still left in the season for the Bears they remain in the playoff hunt, but at this point winning the division may not be a realistic option.

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