Eagles vs. Packers: Seneca Wallace Must Step Up For Green Bay

By Ryan Wenzell
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers will have to rely on a different Quarterback on Sunday. His name is Seneca Wallace. The Mike Holmgren product will replace Aaron Rodgers on Sunday at the all important Quarterback position. Wallace doesn’t play anything like Rodgers.

He doesn’t have near the arm or the savy in this offense to do some of the things Rodgers does so Wallace will have to improvise. One thing he has going for him is athletic ability. He will have to use his ability to get out of the pocket to his benefit as he looks better throwing on the run than in the pocket.

To be honest though, the Packers will have to rally as a group with Rodgers missing. Wallace simply can not win football games by himself. The defense and running game will have to come up huge against the Philadelphia Eagles.

We have seen what the Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles is capable of. He can light a defense up if given the opportunity. I just don’t think Wallace is capable of keeping up with him if it turns into a high-scoring, shootout-type affair.

It is all hands on deck for the Packers right now. To stay afloat in the NFC North Wallace will have to be one of many on the 53-man roster to step up their game. They just need to stay competitive for the next month or so. If they still have a respectable record once Rodgers returns I wouldn’t bet against who many consider the best quarterback in football.

It starts Sunday and it is time for Wallace.

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