Indianapolis Colts Still Control Playoff Destiny Despite Loss to St. Louis Rams

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis, IN- Many Indianapolis Colts fans have a bad taste in their mouth after the embarrassing loss to the horrid St. Louis Rams on Sunday. Indianapolis was flat out embarrassed in losing 38-8 to a team battling for draft positioning next May rather than a playoff spot.

Now, many are wondering what happened and where they go from here regarding their playoff hopes.

Luckily, the winless Jacksonville Jaguars gave the Colts a gift by earning their first victory of the season on the road at the Tennessee Titans. That drops the Titans to 4-5 and gives the Colts a two-game lead in the division still heading into Thursday’s big primetime matchup on NFL Network.

If the Colts can figure out how to fix these issues by Thursday night then they can control their own playoff destiny. They’re still in the hunt to host a playoff game by being a division winner and only one game behind the New England Patriots for a possible first round bye.

So as bad as this game was in Lucas Oil Stadium Sunday afternoon, everyone needs to still look forward. This game is now in the past and needs to be forgotten about as soon as possible. The issues were glaring and luckily it doesn’t get much worse than this.

Indianapolis has some winnable games left. If they can take care of business Thursday in Nashville then they certainly can at home a few weeks later. Sandwiched in between that is a road game at the Arizona Cardinals which is also winnable. That could make the Colts 9-3 going into a road game at the Cincinnati Bengals. From there they have both the Houston Texans and Jaguars at home which should be wins so at worst the Colts have 11 total wins ahead of them and possibly more.

So don’t get too down yet; Indianapolis is still in the hunt.

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