Running Game an Absolute Embarrassment for Indianapolis Colts Against St. Louis Rams

By Eric Smith

Indianapolis, IN- When you look back on historic all-time bad losses in the Indianapolis Colts‘ franchise history, you will see the 38-8 loss to the terrible St. Louis Rams listed near the top if not No. 1. Colts fans are left searching for answers as to how the team could lose to such a bad team after beating some of the best teams in the NFL this year entering this game.

When dissecting the final stats one glaring thing sticking out at me is the horrid running game in Sunday’s loss. Indianapolis’ leading rusher was quarterback Andrew Luck who had only 17 yards on four attempts.

No that’s not a joke.

How in the world does a Super Bowl contending team who prides itself in its balanced offense lose to a horrid Rams team and only rush for 18 yards on 14 attempts? This Rams team is atrocious. They have a decent front four on the defensive front but nothing that should have held the Colts to only 18 total rushing yards.

Normal starting running back Trent Richardson only had two yards on five attempts. Two yards.

Indianapolis gave up a first round draft pick in next year’s draft for a guy who had two total rushing yards against a bad Rams team. Is it time to hit the panic button? Not yet, but it’s close.

The Colts’ running game has been getting worse and worse as the season goes on, and that’s a real problem. It was historically bad today as this can’t happen again or heads will roll.

The moral of the story is the Colts were flat out soft in today’s embarrassing loss, and that needs to end quickly.

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