San Francisco 49ers' Loss Guarantees Division Title for Seattle Seahawks

By Michael Pidgeon
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The NFC West division race between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers is one of the tightest battles in the NFL. Seattle defeating the Atlanta Falcons forced the 49ers’ hand, and they responded by losing to the Carolina Panthers. This one loss now forces the 49ers to start looking at getting a wild card spot rather than winning their division.

Seattle jumped out early in the division by defeating the 49ers in Week 2 of the season, and they haven’t looked back yet. San Francisco still had a chance to get the division crown, but they were forced to win every week to maintain ground with Seattle and then hope they could beat the Seahawks at home in Week 14. The idea of winning the division has officially gone out the window, and if the 49ers aren’t careful they may miss the playoffs entirely.

Four out of Seattle’s last six games occur at home and can practically be considered victories already. The two road games the Seahawks have are against the 49ers and New York Giants. That means the current 9-1 Seahawks could very well finish the season with a 13-3 or 14-2 record, and that’s a worst case scenario. Seattle could always win out and finish 15-1, but I’ll avoid jumping the gun on that one.

San Francisco was likely not going to catch Seattle for the division regardless of the outcome of their game today against the Panthers. However, with their loss today it officially seals the deal for the Seahawks as 2013 NFC West division champions.

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