Seattle Seahawks Pull Off Beauteous Flea Flicker and Embarass Atlanta Flacons

By Dave Daniels
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll sure has a lot up his sleeve doesn’t he?

His Seattle Seahawks pulled off a flea flicker play this Sunday that made the Atlanta Falcons look flat out embarrassing, and it appears as though they will not be going to the playoffs this year. The main person I feel bad for? Tony Gonzales.

This just is not right. They practically begged him to come back and promised a Super Bowl run. It is a shame because he is a Hall of Famer and a class act. I hear tell that he might go into sports media post career, and he would really be fantastic at that so I hope he does not hang his head. There is plenty of beautiful life left to live Tony! The upside is that you won’t have to live in Atlanta anymore.

Sorry about the side note; back to the flea flicker.

When was the last time you saw a play like this executed so beautifully?

And who knew Marshawn Lynch had the kind of skill set to make that pitch; that was quite impressive, and then there is Russell Wilson.

Good God.

I knew this kid could play and that he worked hard at his craft, but it is almost like we are looking at Joe Montana 2.0. Know that is a bold comparison, but I might see some bold things happening for the Seahawks this postseason and you can almost call me a full believer.

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