Sheldon Richardson Choice was Right for New York Jets

By Nick Mamary
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Not too long ago, the New York Jets were making their second choice in 2013’s NFL Draft. Having already picked a defensive player (cornerback Dee Milliner) it seemed logical that New York’s front office would address the team’s offensive needs next. Former Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eiffert seemed like the pass-catching threat that would perform well in the West Coast offense.

They had just lost starter Dustin Keller, who provided a major security blanket for quarterback Mark Sanchez during his first four years. One round later, Geno Smith was tabbed to be future franchise signal-caller. Looking at this roster, dynamic options from skill position players were nowhere to be found. Such lack of talent helped doom Sanchez and could have hindered their young new signal caller.

Picking Sheldon Richardson, another defensive lineman, seemed like adding to one strength they already had. When I criticized this decision, it was not that I though this player could not perform. He can send pressure up the middle at opposing quarterbacks. He’s had 40 combined tackles so far, which shows an ability to play on the line of scrimmage. 2.5 sacks does not seem like a lot, but he does get into a quarterback’s mind.

This however, opens things up for the secondary for possible interceptions. Quinton Colpes and Muhamad Wilkerson provides Richardson a chance to  create a lot of pressure. They got to Drew Brees, which helped spur a big upset.

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