The Dallas Cowboys Should Consider Nnamdi Asomugha

By rodneygray

The Dallas Cowboys have struggled all year against the pass and unless something is done soon, these problems could catch up to them and lead to their eventual downfall.

While Nnamdi Asomugha may not be the second coming of Deion Sanders, he is a very talented player who when he is at the top of his game, has proven that he can be a very productive force on the field.

Brandon Carr was suppose to be the piece of the puzzle that finally allowed the Cowboys to be stout against the pass but Carr has struggled at times during the year to be consistent. Fellow corner back Morris Claiborne has also struggled holding up against the pass at times during this season. Without pass rusher DeMarcus Ware consistently causing havoc in the backfield, the Cowboys defensive backs are having to cover receivers longer thus causing a plethora of long passes to be completed. With the recent injuries to the Cowboys’ secondary, Asomugha could be a huge boost to an already porous defense.

While Asomugha’s struggles over the pass couple of seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles as well as the San Francisco 49ers have been well documented, he has proved that he is a very serviceable defensive back. Paired with Carr, Asomugha could potentially flourish as a Cowboy and with the way the Cowboys have defended the pass this year he could not make things any worse. Asomugha at one time was considered the best defensive back in the NFL and if given another opportunity, he may be able to return to form. After many analysts and commentators called the signing of Asomugha overrated, the ex-pro bowler may be able to shine without the national spot light on him 24/7.

Asomugha’s fall from grace could be a blessing in disguise for the 32-year-old. A fresh start on a team looking to make a deep push into the playoffs could be the spark he needs to play at the elite level again. Asomugha is a risk, but the risk vs. reward factor here is low. Going into the bye week, the Cowboys are 31st against the pass. Asomugha may be a risk but with the struggles that the Cowboys have shown this year they have no reason to not strongly consider it.

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