Washington Redskins Need To Start Over

By Tony Tranghese
Brace Hammelgarn- USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the Washington Redskins to start making changes within the organization. They can change the coach, change the offensive line, change the name, do whatever they have to — but someone needs to tell the Redskins that they are doing it wrong.

It was hard for fans to comprehend what they saw in Washington’s latest debacle. Robert Griffin III spent the entire game on his back and got lit up on numerous occasions. The defense looked more pathetic than the that of the New England Patriots over the past few years, and Mike Shanahan showed no emotion whatsoever.

Washington’s franchise quarterback is laying on the ground and it looked like no one made an effort to protect him. If this guy isn’t going to release the ball and is going to look to run all the time, the Redskins should make sure Kirk Cousins gets a lot of snaps with the first team because it’s only a matter of time before he is the starter.

Meanwhile Griffin will be sitting on a medical table reaching for his helmet like he’s going to go back in after taking a shot that looked like it knocked him into next week. It’s the same movie that keeps being replayed week after week. Guess what? The movie has the same ending. Maybe it’s time for Washington to start to look elsewhere for answers.

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