Baltimore Ravens Show A Lot Of Heart In Week 10 Victory

By Dan Abeshouse
Elvis Dumervil
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The Baltimore Ravens all but had a 17-10 victory against AFC North leading Cincinnati Bengals synched up, until the impossible happened. Andy Dalton threw up a pray and James Ihedigo tipped the ball up volleyball style to A.J. Green. How could that happen, I asked. As the game was going into overtime, I thought for sure the Ravens were done for. Maybe it’s not their year; I was wrong.

The Ravens showed a ton of heart on the Bengals first possession. On a crucial fourth and two from the Baltimore 33, defenders swarmed to Giovanni Bernard who then tried to reverse the field, but was tackled by Ihedigo for an 11-yard loss. Ihedigo had the game of his life, except for the whole “tipping the desperate Hail Mary” right to the Bengals. The Ravens persevered and won the game on a Justin Tucker 46-yard field goal, keeping their season alive for now.

Despite the same problems from the offense, no running game, inconsistent Joe Flacco, bad offensive line, the Ravens fought and continued to fight for the whole game. This might not be the most talented Ravens team, but one thing’s for sure; they never give up. To be able to survive that brutal game-tying Hail Mary speaks volumes about the character of this team. Excluding a butt kicking at the hands of the Denver Broncos, the Ravens have been in every game. Had a few things gone different in some of those games then the Ravens could be 5-4/6-3 now, but it is what is as far as those games are concerned.

It’s still going to be a struggle for this team to reach the postseason for the sixth year in a row. But if it doesn’t happen, it won’t be because a lack of effort.

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Same Problems For Baltimore Ravens, Different Results In Win Over Cincinnati Bengals

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