Indianapolis Colts: Chuck Pagano, Andrew Luck Correct Not to Panic After Loss to Rams

By Ryan Heckman


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A day after the Indianapolis Colts fell to the St. Louis Rams 38-8, folks are wondering if Indy is truly a contender in the AFC or not. A phrase like “pretender or contender?” has been used to describe the Colts by some, where others are wondering just where this Colts team is headed at this point in the season.

Have we forgotten that this is the same team that took down Peyton Manning and the mighty 8-1 Denver Broncos? Have we forgotten that this team has also beaten the 9-1 Seattle Seahawks?

Have we forgotten that every team has a chance to lose to any other team in the NFL on any given Sunday?

Good grief.

Why panic over a game where a rookie like Tavon Austin decided to come out of hiding and finally attempt to prove why he was so sought after out of college? The Rams used a once-in-a-lifetime performance from a rookie to shock the Colts in what was simply just a flat out bad game by Indy.

No need to worry, people. It’s not only of my opinion that the Colts’ fan base shouldn’t panic, but also of head coach Chuck Pagano’s opinion as well. If he’s not panicking, you know very well that the team will follow his lead. Under such phenomenal leadership like Pagano, this Indy team will be just fine.

Pagano said after the game that his team just didn’t give themselves a chance to win — plain and simple.

“We didn’t do much of anything to give ourselves a chance in any of the phases,” he said according to ESPN. “Certainly not in the beginning and middle or the end to give us a chance to play, compete and win that football game.”

Quarterback Andrew Luck has already followed his coach’s footsteps and isn’t even close to panicking either.

“I don’t think anybody is having a freak-out session, in a sense, but we’ll work at it and hopefully get better,” Luck said.

This Colts team has dealt with much more than an ugly loss in the last year and a half. I think out of all the teams in the league, Indy is one that is more well off and equipped to bounce back from a game like this. Pagano and Luck both understand the game well enough to know that just one bad week doesn’t equal a season, and the Colts will be back in the saddle in no time.

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