Kansas City Chiefs Are Armed For A Game Of Cops and Robbers

By Troy Alan
Robert Hanashiro – USA Today Sports

In 1986, there was a firefight in Miami, FL involving eight FBI agents and two serial bank robbers. Despite being outmanned and struck by multiple bullets, the robbers managed to injure five of the agents, killing two. It led to the development of the .40 caliber handgun. The diameter of its ammunition is .4 inches.

Speaking of shootouts, the Kansas City Chiefs Week 11 matchup with the Denver Broncos is expected to be a doozy of one. The game has garnered so much attention that NBC has decided to air it in prime time on Sunday Night Football.

The high powered Broncos offense and their gun-wielding gang leader Peyton Manning will be trying to shoot holes in the eighth ranked defense in the NFL. Manning leads the league in every major statistical category involving the firing of the football this season. The Chiefs defense is the biggest reason the team has not yet been gunned down.

Kansas City’s defense has allowed fewer points than any other this season, excepting the Carolina Panthers. They are the only team to have not given up more than 17 in one game all season. The Chiefs are giving up an average of 12.3 PPG. Peyton and the Broncos were first in total offense going into Week 10 with an average of 42.9 PPG.

Play along with me here. To be fair, we’ll have to agree that Denver isn’t going to score that many on Kansas City, and also that the Chiefs won’t hold them to their defensive season average. If we meet halfway that means Denver will score 15.3 more points on Kansas City than previous opponents for a total of 27.6.

Denver’s defense was giving up an average of 27.2 PPG. Strictly by the numbers (in a game of inches) .4 is the difference in this upcoming firefight (excluding today’s stats against the San Diego Chargers.)

FBI agents now mostly carry the .40 caliber due to its ability to create hydrostatic shock. It’s an effect the bullet has on one’s liquid filled internal organs that leads to a quicker incapacitation than blood loss by also causing neural damage. Ironically, after noticing the nation’s captivation with the Miami shootout, NBC produced a movie about it and aired it in prime time back in 1988.

Now then, who’s up for a friendly game of Cops and Robbers?

Troy Alan is a Kansas City Chiefs writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @TRantMedia.

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