Kansas City Chiefs Fans Don't Trust Denver Broncos

By Troy Alan

The 1993 Kansas City Chiefs were the last Chiefs team to win a playoff game. With Kansas City being on a bye week, there’s not a lot to write about so I decided a little game of “Where Were You?” was in order. In the winter of ’93, I was living in Denver, home of the Chiefs next opponent. One of my favorite songs was by a group called the 4 Non Blondes entitled “What’s Up? (What’s Goin’ On?)”

The lyrics describe someone who’s been waiting their entire life for something, “trying to get up that great big hill of hope, for a destination,” they sing.

It’s been even longer since Kansas City has been to a Super Bowl. The last time the Chiefs went was in 1970 and they won 23-7 over the Minnesota Vikings. I wasn’t even born yet. Since their last playoff win, there have been three seasons in which I believed they had a legitimate shot at making it back, the best opportunity being in 1997.

They went 13-3, won the AFC West, received a first-round bye and faced the Denver Broncos at home in the divisional round. I saw something during that game I’d never seen before. The referees called the entire Broncos’ offensive line to the sidelines and they were wiping them down with towels.

Chiefs defenders had complained about not being able to get ahold of them, and it was discovered they had coated themselves with Vaseline. Denver won the game 14-10 and went on to win their first ever Super Bowl after failing in the first five they’d been to.

Offensive lineman Mark Schlereth later said, “what we did, in the locker room, is called being creative. Certain cheating is snickered at, or applauded.” Kansas City fans weren’t laughing or clapping.

On Sunday Night Football, November 17, the undefeated Chiefs will take on the one-loss Broncos in Denver. The home team’s offensive line will once again be trying to protect an aging quarterback and get him back to the Super Bowl.

If undefeated Kansas City is getting no pressure on Peyton Manning, I’ll have some questions. Considering the Chiefs lead the league in sacks and two of their four linebackers (none of which are blonde by the way) are top five in the league, I’ll be wondering the same thing as the 4 Non Blondes did 28 years ago…

“Hey, hey, hey, what’s goin’ on?”

Troy Alan is a Kansas City Chiefs writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @TRantMedia.

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