NFL Rumors: Could Jon Gruden Return As A Head Coach?

By Michael Pidgeon
Jon Gruden
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It’ll be five years since we have seen Jon Gruden on an NFL team’s sidelines. Currently, you can see and hear Gruden with Mike Tirico on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Is Jon ready to go from calling games in booths to calling plays on sidelines?

Gruden spent his four first years with the Oakland Raiders where he compiled a 38-26 regular season record and a 2-2 postseason record, which includes the infamous “tuck rule” game against the eventual Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

Oakland then proceeded to trade Gruden to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he won his only Super Bowl in his first season in Tampa. That victory was bittersweet because it occurred against his former team. Following his Super Bowl victory, the rest of his career in Tampa is very forgettable. Gruden finished his seven-year career with the Buccaneers with a 57-55 regular season record and was 3-2 in the postseason.

Overall, Gruden has a very respectable 95-81 regular season record and is 5-4 in the postseason. After being out of the league for so long, one may wonder if Jon still has what it takes to coach a group of 53 players instead of just analyzing the game on Monday nights.

Two teams being linked to Gruden are the Atlanta Falcons and his former team, the Raiders. Either situation is interesting when you think about it.

Oakland has talented players, but have struggled to find the right head coach that can put it all together for the team. Gruden very well could be that man. Atlanta is very talented all around and has been for a few years, but 2013 has been a struggle and it could very well be time for a head coaching change.

The Dallas Cowboys could be looking for a new head coach soon too if they continue playing .500 ball. Jason Garrett has been on and off the hot seat for a while now, and eventually Jerry Jones is going to cut him lose. A hard-nosed coach like Gruden is exactly what Dallas needs in my opinion, but sadly Jerry doesn’t like coaches like that so the odds of Gruden ending up in Dallas are slim to none.

There are usually teams interested in Gruden every offseason, but he has said no to the idea of coming back to this point. The “Return of Chucky” isn’t just the title of a sequel to those terrible horror movies, but it means that the countdown to the return of Gruden may be on.

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