Nick Foles Continues To Ascend At Quarterback For Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles had another strong game for the Philadelphia Eagles, this time in the tough and hostile environment of the historic Lambeau Field. While Foles wasn’t always sharp and did get a few lucky bounces, he still looked smooth, calm and in control of the offense on the road.

What may have been most impressive is how he bounced back after a turnover. After Foles fumbled, he and the offense led a long time-killing drive that essentially ended the game. No doubt LeSean McCoy was also huge on that drive as he churned out yards and found holes in the defense to expose.

Foles simply must be named the starting quarteback going forward. I am pretty surprised that head coach Chip Kelly hasn’t come out and named Foles as the guy yet. What else does he have to do? Foles shouldn’t just be the starter because he gives the team the best chance to win right now, but the Eagles also need to see what they have in him going forward.

Is he the quarterback of the future? People would love to say unequivocally yes or no after two good games, but that is too small of a sample  size. Owner Jeffrey Lurie and GM Howie Roseman need to see Foles for at least the next six games against quality opponents to gauge his ability.

Foles is in rare company right now. His 16 touchdowns to zero interceptions are the second-most touchdowns without a pick in league history behind the great Peyton Manning. Once again, Foles has found himself in the same company as the legend. If he keeps putting up historic numbers, there is no doubt who the Eagles quarterback is: no. 9.

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