Oakland Raiders' Terrelle Pryor Has Another Bad Game, Needs To Find Rhythm Soon

By Jesse Oakley
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor did not have the great game many were hoping for against the New York Giants. The Oakland Raiders fell to the Giants 24- 20 after blowing a 20-14 lead. Pryor went just 11-of-26 for only 122 yards with an interception. He was also sacked four times for a total loss of 16 yards and had a lost fumble. Some of these bad stats are partially because of the offensive line which isn’t known for its pocket protection.

Pryor should’ve had a heyday with the Giants who haven’t been particularly good, but instead he had trouble finding his receivers and getting the ball to the end zone. The receptions were very spread out with five different receivers getting the ball, the most being Denarius Moore with three receptions for 45 yards. However, none of them went for touchdowns. The rushing game wasn’t much better with Rashad Jennings averaging 4.4 yards per carry.

Understandably, this is Pryor’s first starting year in his short NFL career, so it makes sense that he will have some struggles. Pryor will need to work on his targeting and long ball the most, ranking 20th out of 33 in yards per pass attempt with a long of 73. It would also help if the offensive line would provide a bit more protection so Pryor didn’t have to scramble all the time, taking 29 sacks on the season.

Ultimately, the Raiders franchise, fan base, and team are all depending on Pryor. Every fan has put their faith in him to become the franchise quarterback that everyone’s been hoping for, including myself. If Pryor doesn’t find his rhythm soon he’ll just be another name on the long list of quarterbacks after Rich Gannon, and that’s something nobody wants to see.

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