Peyton Manning Will Overcome Ankle Injuries, For Now

By Andrew Fisher

It didn’t look good at the end of regulation for the Denver Broncos in week 10. Peyton Manning was hit low and his attempt to get up failed miserably. The legendary quarterback sat on the ground in pain while Broncos’ fans across the country held their breath. Eventually Manning got up and ran out the clock to make Denver’s win official, but now the team’s fate hangs in the balance as the QB will undergo an MRI on Monday.

“I’m pretty sore. They kind of got me twice in kind of that lower area. It felt better coming into the game after the bye week, but I’m pretty sore. I’m getting an MRI tomorrow so I’ll know a little more then,” Manning said vaguely on his injury.

It’s purely speculation at this moment, but I believe Manning will be fine and ready to go for week 11. As he said, he’s going to be sore. I think that will be the reality he lives for the rest of the season. We’re talking about a 37-year old quarterback with 16 years of pro football wear and tear on his body. Two ankle sprains that keep getting aggravated aren’t going to heal themselves during the middle of a season. It’s going to be a matter of pain tolerance, which we all know is a good department for Peyton. The guy is flat out tough.

Broncos’ fans shouldn’t be concerned about the short-term. They should be concerned about the long haul. It might become a situation where late-season rest is the best option for the QB. If Denver can seal its playoff fate over the next few weeks, a game off might be a smart move in week 16 or 17.

We’ll see what the MRI reveals, but I’m betting that it will come back negative and that the Broncos will turn to a hobbled Peyton Manning for the next several weeks.


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