Rob Ryan is Deserving of All the Praise

By Andrew Fisher
Rob Ryan
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There’s a lot of bandwagon jumping each week in the NFL. One week a coach or player could get tons of praise, the next they could have tons of criticism being directed their way. Football is a results-oriented business, and if you’re not getting positive ones, odds are that you’ll be getting criticized. One guy who was criticized after the conclusion of 2012, was Rob Ryan.

The Dallas Cowboys had just finished 8-8 and missed out on the playoffs for the third straight year, so Jerry Jones made the decision to fire Ryan. At the time, the firing was looked at as a ‘someones head had to roll’ situation. Given that Dallas has a high-powered offense, Ryan was the choice by default.

Fast-forward to the Monday after week 10, and no one has a bigger smile on their face than Ryan. The defensive coordinator and his New Orleans Saints just got done dismantling the Cowboys and Jones has openly admitted that his decision to can Ryan ‘doesn’t look good right now.’

The icing on the cake for Ryan is the fact the the Cowboys statistically have the worst defense in the NFL. Conversely, he’s taken a Saints defense that was the worst in the league in 2012, and turned it into the seventh ranked defense.

So while people are quick to applaud in today’s sports culture, Rob Ryan is deserving of every bit of praise being thrown his way. This not a case of people overreacting, this is a case of a guy who’s really good at his job, who’s turned around a unit that was terrible a season ago. Most people thought that he wasn’t deserving of his firing in Dallas, but now all you have to do is look at the results on the field to see that’s the case. It looks like Jerry screwed up again, but hey, the Saints will take it.


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