Robert Quinn Continues All-Pro Season For St. Louis Rams

By roywhitehead
Robert Quinn
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Robert Quinn has been improving since his first season as an NFL player proving that the St. Louis Rams were correct in taking him in the first round of the draft. In his first season Quinn was able to record five sacks, but his potential wasn’t even being reached as a rookie having missed the previous college season due to a suspension. There were some that questioned his character coming out of college and whether he would be able to get in shape after missing a year. While his rookie season was not the most impressive or exactly what you would expect out of pass rushing specialist he was able to show flashes of brilliance and there have been no rumors about his character or personality since coming to St. Louis.

The second year of his career saw his sack total double at 10.5 sacks. Quinn was improving, but he was still wildly inconsistent and often disappearing for games at a time. This season Robert Quinn has added a few more tricks to his speed rush. He is willing to go to an inside move or outside move depending on the tackle he is facing. It appears that Quinn is learning from his past experiences that he can’t rely on his speed and explosiveness off the snap.

Quinn has forced five fumbles this season to go along with his 12 sacks. If he stays on the current pace he could end up with 19 sacks, which would best Jack Youngblood‘s 18 and Kevin Carter‘s 17. If Quinn can match his current rate of forced fumbles he would finish just two shy of  Osi Umenyiora‘s and Charles Tillman‘s 10 recorded in a season.

He has been able to record at least one sack in seven of the Rams’ 10 games this season. He is becoming consistent in his relentless pursuit of the quarterback and it’s getting him noticed by everyone around the league. Even in games where he fails to get a sack he is still hitting the QB over and over.

Look for him to attack the Chicago Bears‘ backfield on Nov. 24 no matter who is running their offense. The Bears have had issues protecting their quarterback for a couple seasons now, and facing Quinn won’t make it an easier challenge. The potential for another huge game from Quinn is there. Sit back and enjoy the show he is putting on every Sunday destroying opposing left tackles.

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