Sean Lee Out 3-4 Weeks, Dallas Cowboys Unlikely To Survive

By Andrew Fisher
Sean Lee
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There were a few things that just couldn’t happen to the Dallas Cowboys in 2013. Sean Lee going down with another injury, was one of them. Cowboys’ fans feared the worst as their star linebacker pulled up lame on Sunday night and now it’s been confirmed – Lee is going to miss multiple weeks with a pulled hamstring. Initial estimates have him missing 3-4 weeks, but we all know that hamstring injuries are incredibly unpredictable.

“It’s one of those deals where you have to find a way now to overcome it and come back. That’s the only thought: that I will be able to come back,” said Lee.

That’s the only good news for the Cowboys in all of this. Unlike 2012, Lee will return to the field. But the question on everyone’s mind – will it be too little too late?

After the way the Dallas defense looked without him on SNF, the safe bet is that it will be too little too late if Lee doesn’t return for a month. The Cowboys got steam rolled by the New Orleans Saints and after Lee left the game, things got flat out ugly.

Heading into week 11, Monte Kiffin‘s unit is statistically the worth in all of football. The Cowboys are already giving up 439.8 yards per game and that figures to get worse without Lee on the field. As good as the Dallas offense is with Tony Romo and company, it just won’t matter if the defense can’t lock things up.


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